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30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge

In this fast-paced world, where time means everything, it’s difficult to take out time for fitness. And, if you are planning to reach the heights of fitness level, but don’t have much time, go for fitness programs like 30 day fitness challenge.

Being part of a 30 day fitness challenge is always an exciting thing. It motivates you to attain your desired fitness level in such a short duration. As it is a short duration challenge, people usually approach it with high energy and consistency. You will not have to save too much energy like a 100 m sprint.  

There are numerous fitness options available now a days. Before picking a fitness challenge for yourself, analyze the ins and outs of the challenge. Know that you are fit enough to perform it successfully. So, before you lose motivation, here is a glimpse of a few famous fitness challenges to lose weight.

3-Move Circuit Challenge

In this challenge, you have to switch between two types of the 3-move circuit to build maximum muscle. There are a few moves that include dumbbells. However, you can execute such types of moves as per your body-weight to get some breathing space.

3-Move Circuit Challenge
  • Initially, you have to execute the 3-move circuit as many times as you can in the time-frame of 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Keep on adding 2-3 minutes to your exercise routine everyday for the next 30 day.
  • As per the minutes involved per day, complete the 3-move circuit as many times as possible.
  • Type 1 Workout (at least 5 times each)
    • Renegade Row
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Squat with Press           
  • Type 2 Workout (at least 5 times each)
    • Walkout
    • Plank Knee-to-Elbow
    • Reverse Lunge with Press
  • Do Type 1 and Type 2 workouts on alternate days but do take a rest after the completion of a week as it gets harder with time.

Cardio Challenge

This exercise form always makes its place in fitness challenge. As it requires no equipment, it is one of the best ways to reduce weight or burn calories without wasting months at the gym. This challenge is not only healthy for your heart, but it also strengthens your lower body.

Before accepting a cardio challenge, the first thing you got to do is seek a doctor’s advice. It is important to measure your physical capabilities before carrying out such a rigorous workout routine, especially you had any health issues in the past. Don’t compromise with your footwear and choose the one specifically made for running.

Fitness Challenge
  • To perform cardio, your legs muscles should be flexible. So, before starting cardio, stretch yourself.
  • Calculate your weight before the challenge and set a target to achieve at the end of the 30thday. It will make it easier for you to figure out your intensity of workout on a daily basis and also rest.
  • Execute the challenge in a gradual process. Doing it slowly at the beginning, and with an increase in pace in the later stages won’t put the load on your muscles and breathing process. Try to increase your running duration on a weekly basis by 5-10 minutes; as it will help you to cope with longer distances at later stages.
  • Consume regular energy drinks and water while exercising. It will not only eliminate toxins from your body but will also boost up your metabolism, which will eventually help in burning fat.
  • Raise the bar of your diet. As it’s a physically demanding workout routine, it’s important to keep taking the required nutrients, which along with this workout routine will strengthen your muscles and bones. For this purpose, consume a high amount of Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Bodyweight Challenge

Are you worried about assembling heavy equipment for this challenge? Well, you don’t need them. Lifting up heavyweights at the gym is no doubt a good method, but in order to achieve results in such a short span of 30 days, you just have to follow high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This workout routine will help you build lean muscles, increase the glycogen storage, and boost your cardiovascular efficiency. Now, what are its basics?

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  • You just have to follow this workout routine 4 times a week.
  • You can carry out these exercises for 4 minutes on a daily basis with a minimum of 30-sec rest and the looping of 4 times.
  • It is divided into 5 sections, each of which targets specific muscle section and the cycle gets repeated after the completion of day 5 exercise:
    • Arms (Day 1)
    • Legs (Day 2)
    • Back (Day 3)
    • Abs (Day 4)
    • The Whole-Body (Day 5)
  • Arms exercise is sub-divided into 6 exercises- Wide-Grip Push-Up, Forearm Crossover Push-Up, Single-Arm Push-Up, Triceps Push-Up, Push-Up Press and Crouching Tiger Push-Up.
  • Legs exercise is sub-divided into 6 exercises- Surrender Squat, Lunge Kick, Isometric Squat, Around-the-World Lunge, Goddess Squat Jump, Side-Lunge to Tuck Jump
  • Back exercise is sub-divided into 6 exercises- Superman with Lateral Raise, Bent-Over Reverse Fly, Reverse Plank-Up, Air Pull-Up, Plank Bird Dog.
  • Abs exercise is sub-divided into 6 exercises- Single-Leg V-Up, Flutter Kicks, Side Plank with a Twist, Body Saw, Side-to-Side Crunch, Forearm Spider Plank
  • The exercise is sub-divided into 6 exercises- Switch Jump, Squat-Jump-Punch, Burpee, Run and Sprawl, Surfies, Single-Leg Burpee

So, get ready for a super exciting 30 day fitness challenge with any form of workout routines to achieve your desired goal and let us know how it worked.