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5 Fitness Tips for First-Time Gym Goers

5 Tips for First Time Gym Goers

Finally! After so many delays, you have made up your mind about joining the gym. You must’ve filled the forms and would’ve also bought the branded gym wears. Excitement is good but things will start getting serious as you’ll enter the gym. As you haven’t been to a gym before, you also must be wondering, where to start. No matter how many fitness tips you have been following, navigating a gym with all the weights and machines will put you in the game.

Your first steps in a gym can be intimidating or misgiving as you may find bodybuilders squawking while you pick up those dumbbells and you may also feel inferior with people around in fantastic shape. So, how to get started and make yourself feel comfortable? Let’s unfold the

Fitness Tips for beginners:

1. Transform yourself before transforming your body

Start your training days before joining the gym. Change your routine before jumping into a very demanding gym routine as it will eventually make it easier for you. For instance, change your diet or follow a pre-workout diet plan by avoiding drinking alcohol, increase protein intake, drink a lot of water, consume more vegetables, avoid processed food items, adding food items in your daily diet like oatmeal, protein shakes, banana, peanut butter sandwich, yogurt, and last but not least, get a good nap.

2. Hit the bull’s-eye

There’s got to be a reason that has taken you to the gym, it may have been weight loss, muscle strength or defined abs. This is because, if you’ll have a goal, it will keep you motivated and will keep you committed towards it. Purposelessly going to a gym and wondering what to do next or just going to the gym just for the sole purpose of showing off won’t help the cause. Set your targets, follow best fitness tips, reset your goals after every few months such as increase the sets and reps, more workouts, lifting heavier weights, etc., which will help you get stronger in the long run.

3. Find company

Going to a gym daily needs some motivation and what could be better than a good company that will help you to keep tracking your mental fitness too. Ask your friends, nearby colleague, or your sibling to accompany you to the gym, even if they are not interested in working out. Moreover, you can also make friends at the gym, but the core purpose should be to share or analyze each other’s workout activities. It will not only form competitiveness but also keep you happy while doing those physically gruelling exercises.

4. Don’t overdo

It’s good to be passionate about your physique, but the process of achieving should be gradual. A common issue that the new gym goes face is DOMS, i.e., delayed onset muscle soreness, which occurs due to connective tissue and muscle damage. It usually happens when you are shifting from gear 1 to gear 5 directly, i.e., when you try some new exercise without following it from scratch. For instance, if you try to do heavy weightlifting without picking up the lighter weights in the initial stages, or not picking up the heavy gym equipment properly, it will invariably cause DOMS.

5. Gym homework

It’s fine if you are doing all the gym activities with full dedication, but what about outside the gym. Don’t take it for granted if you had a good day at the gym; make it even better by following certain activities outside. When at home, or before heading towards the gym, do warm-up in the form of stretching for around 5 minutes, a few sets of push-ups, or cycle to the gym.

So, join the gym with a plan, discover your goals and work hard to achieve them. Remember, there are endless diet plans and fitness tips online that are bound to confuse you. Just follow your instructor and respect your body’s limitations, things will come your way.  If you have any fitness-related queries we can answer, or if you are looking to share your thoughts, feel free to relay your comments, suggestions or corrections.