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8 Training Techniques To Shock Your Muscles and Transform Your Physique

Techniques to build muscle

We usually hope to get chiseled chest and back along with sleeve busting biceps when we work out in the gym. Other than gyming people have started taking supplements and steroids to get better and quicker results. However, what comes quickly leaves at a faster pace. So, let’s just avoid them.

Focus on working out in a better way. It doesn’t mean that you have to hit the weights and start off a fight with them. It is just going to make your growth stagnant as your muscles will stop responding to the work out sessions.

All you need to do is extreme workout after your body has reached the plateau. For those who have been working out from a long time know that muscles stop reacting to work out if you stick to one kind of training. Your muscles need a shock in order to grow further.

Also, there is no one way to get better results. You can use hit and trial method to know what suits your body. However, we have some Muscle Building Techniques/methods to shock your muscles and they are tried and tested. Hence, they pass the litmus test.

        1. Rest-Pause sets

If you are new to the gym world, let us help you with this term. It is a way of working out where you have intense workout sessions and then take a break for a short period. It helps you in tackling with fatigue a lot quicker. For example, if you do six reps each, try doing 2-3 reps at a time and then take a break. Once you have completed six reps, try doing more after a break. If you increase the load on your muscles, it will become intense and release more muscle-building hormones.

        2. Mechanical Advantage Drop Sets

Our body works on the principles of physics. Our body is nothing but a series of levers and pulleys. This way some positions are easier to do as compared to others. Such as wide grip pull-ups are tougher than narrow gripped pull-ups.

You can start off this technique by choosing one exercise. It could be bench presses, squats, or pull-ups. At the end of your work out session just start doing this one exercise. Start off with the most difficult position in this one exercise and when you are exhausted start doing the simpler version of the exercise.

        3. Negative Repetitions

Also known as eccentric training, this is a way to push yourself and go beyond your normal fatigue point.In this shocker, your muscle is lengthening under load to lower the weight back down. Negatives can sore your body for days. Hence, it is preferred that you start off with less weight. Don’t try to make things difficult for your body.

You must have done concentric exercises but doing the opposite one along with concentric will give you better results.

Physique Transformation Methods

        4. Time under tension training

We have seen many people focusing more on the reps and sets. However, most of them don’t know that timing your exercises help you get better results. Time under tension is a practice you need to use in your workout sessions.

Set a time for your every set and do it with a watch ticking. Ask a friend to do it for you and then you can relax while you see them putting the effort for next 30-60 seconds, depending on what is your time set up for each set.

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        5. Pyramid Sets

This system works exactly like a pyramid looks. It starts off with more number of reps for each set. As the level of difficulty increases or the weight increases, the number of reps decreases.You can take a break between one set of exercise and it can vary between 1-2 minutes, depending on your muscle gain goal.

As the degree of weight increases, it helps you get used to variation in weight. As a result, your muscular strength and endurance increase with time. So, you can expect your muscles to grow faster with this shock method.

        6. Drop Sets

Ignore the breaks in this one. It is all about trying as many exercises with different weights. The difference in this and the other methods is that you have the minimalistic breaks in this one. It is more about exhausting your body without needing a timeout.

It starts off with the highest weight and doing it till the time you can’t do it anymore. Then decrease the weight by 30% and repeat. Follow this cycle until you are left with no weight or no energy.

        7. Super Sets, Tri Sets, & Giant Sets

  • Straight set: When you perform a few reps of one exercise.
  • Superset: A set where you perform sets of two different exercises.
  • Tri set: Three exercises in one go without a break.
  • Giant Set: A set where you perform four or more exercise in one go.

If you combine all of it, you will have the pump that is required for muscle growth. This way you can fully fatigue all the muscles of the body and target multiple muscles at the same time.

Muscle Building Techniques

        8. 100 Rep Sets

It is as simple as it sounds. 100 REPS! Yes, that is all we are talking about. Sounds ridiculous? Well, it helps in setting a target and people who like to work in pressure can utilize this Muscle Building Techniques to gain muscles. Here, you have the freedom to choose the weight.

You can choose whatever weight you think you can sustain for 100 reps and you are good to go!

Which of these Muscle Building techniques is going to be added in your workout sessions? We hope this helps you out with the required muscle gain.