DAY 16 (Chest) - 21 Days Quarantine Workout - The Titans Fitness
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If you are an avid gym goer currently wondering what to do while staying home, a full-body workout — one that challenges arms, legs, core and glutes — can be done in the comfort of your house with stuff you probably already have. No treadmill, elliptical or fancy exercise bike needed — we’re talking breaking a sweat with the chairs and everyday items you have around your house. 

If you’re looking for more of a challenge and want to build some serious strength when doing your pushups all you need is a sturdy backpack and some extra weight thrown inside.

A weighted pack will test the toughest and strongest men. This is not an exercise for a beginner. For years and still today men all around the world use the bench press as the gauge for strength and this is absolutely insane. A weighted pack will build a total body toughness not duplicated in the gym. The pushup is and always will be a total body strength and conditioner despite what most experts will tell you.

Today’s Workout

  • Movement – Backpack Pushups
  • Recommended Reps – 15 to 25 per set
  • Number of Sets – 5
  • Rest between sets – 60 Seconds

Body Parts Targeted



  • Start in the push-ups position with your hands on the ground and a bit wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Tuck your elbows slightly in. Breathe in and perform a push-up by touching your chest to the ground.
  • Now exhale and explode to the start position while contracting your chest.
  • Use the backpack to increase the resistance for this exercise. 

Why it’s effective

  • The most important thing is that push-ups require stabilisation which you don’t need with bench press, not to mention machines.
  • Push-up is a full body exercise. It will fire all your pectoral fibers, which is a benefit on its own. Add other muscle groups working to the equation, and you get a damn powerful exercise.