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Edible Mushrooms and Their Health Benefits


What comes to your mind when you hear the word mushrooms? A lip-smacking earthy flavour with a delicate texture. Moreover, it’s available in various forms, sizes, and colours with high nutritional value.

You would be surprised to know that it’s actually fungi that have been merged in the group of vegetables. The biggest cooking advance of mushrooms is that it enhances the taste of a dish without the addition of sodium or fat. But you got to be aware of the poisonous wild mushrooms, which are quite difficult to recognize, however, if you are buying it from a grocery store, there is no issue.

Poisonous wild mushrooms can be hard to recognize and are life-threatening as well. It can cause nausea, vomiting, cramps and mental illness. So, you should always purchase it from a grocery store or supermarket. Even if you are buying it from a grocery store, do check that it should be stiff, shouldn’t have any mould and dampness.

Just taste or any health benefits as well?

We bet! After reading its health benefits, you will start eating mushrooms on a regular basis, even if you don’t like the taste and texture. So, let’s unfold its nutritional benefits:

  • Mushrooms are rich sources of vitamins (vitamin B and vitamin D), and minerals (selenium, potassium, copper, etc.)
  • If you have cholesterol issues and looking to speed up weight loss, then it’s for you. Mushrooms basically have low carbs and high lean protein that put breaks on the rising cholesterol levels, which will eventually prevent blood pressure and heart-related diseases.
  • If you have diabetes; go for it as it has a rich amount of natural insulin, natural antibiotics, and enzymes that will take care of your sugar levels. 
  • t’s a powerhouse of potassium! Although banana is famous for being a rich source of potassium, the mushrooms don’t lag behind the bananas. The high amount of potassium present in it will eventually help you deal with fluid imbalance issues, and stabilize the functionality of muscles and nerves. 
  • According to ‘The Canadian Cancer Society,’ their research has shown glimpses of hope that antioxidants, selenium, and phytochemicals present in edible mushrooms may have the potential to fight against breast and prostate cancer.

So, let’s find out the best edible mushrooms available in Canada that you should include in your diet for healthier living:

King Oyster

  • White stem, light brown cap
  • Remains fresh for a maximum period of 1 week


  • Thin stem, broad brown cap
  • Can be used in both dry and fresh form
  • Increases immunity, controls cholesterol levels, for treating prostate cancer, anti-ageing

Apricot Jelly Mushroom 

  • Thin stem, broad salmon-pink cap, soft texture, jelly-like, pliable
  • Odourless, has a fine taste, mainly found in summer, spring, and fall


  • Wide golden yellowish at the top and narrow orangish stem at the bottom, like a funnel
  • Mainly found in the summer and fall, fine taste with a fruity aroma, grown on land only, gentle peppery taste
  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals, helps in brain’s smooth functionality, prevents from type 2 diabetes, stress reliever, helps to fight a migraine, muscle-strengthening

Black Morel

  • Brown or black, shut at the top and narrow ceramic stem at the bottom
  • Flaky texture grows on land, fine taste, gentle odour, mainly found in summer
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals