DAY 14 (Nutrition At Home) - 21 Days Quarantine Workout - The Titans Fitness
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No more commuting and the opportunity to wear your pyjamas to work. Working from home might sound like a dream come true on paper. But if you’re not used to the structure of setting up a home working routine, it can be difficult to keep things in order.

Aside from the isolation and lack of structure, diet can be one of the biggest challenges when you work from home. Normally, other things taking up space in your regular schedule would often result in minimal free time available to explore your love for cooking. But the present lockdown period seems the best time to try your hands on some easy healthy recipes at home that are both nutritious as well as wallet-friendly. 

Amidst all the jostling and running around, spare time in the house seems something to cherish and explore your favourite, long-lost hobbies that can bring a cheerful smile to you as well as others around you. 

Healthy Eating tips-

Keep Structure

Just because your day isn’t broken up by commutes, meetings and lunch hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t structure it as if it is. Set a time for breakfast, lunch and to finish working and stick to them

Repurpose your commute

If you are used to a lengthy commute, it can be tempting to use this time to lie in bed scrolling for pandemic updates. Instead, aim to use this time productively. Get out for a walk in your nearest park or use your commute time to meal plan and prep. 

Beat Boredom

It’s normal to break up your office working day with coffee breaks, chats with teammates, trips to the shops and meetings. Your at-home work day will look very different, and boredom can turn into snacking. Learn what your triggers are for eating when you’re not actually hungry and break up your working day with things like meditation, going for a short walk or domestic tasks like putting the washing on or doing the hoovering.

Clear Out 

As well as making sure your cupboards are stocked with healthy essentials, if there are trigger foods that will tempt you to snack or over-indulge, make sure they’re not in the house. In an office full of people around it’s a lot easier to just take one biscuit, but when you’re working from home, once you open the packet the people to biscuit ratio isn’t so favourable from a health point of view.