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How to Stay Motivated To Exercise Regularly

Work for Good Health

Who doesn’t want a fit physique and a slim body with abs and amazing muscles?

Only a few people are able to achieve their goals and strike off ‘The perfect body’ from their checklist, but what exactly makes a difference is just one simple thought.This thought, if occurred to everyone and we would be living a fitter and healthier life – ‘How much are willing to put in?’

It isn’t even about exercising for a fit physique or the perfect body. In fact, exercise is a necessity for people of all kinds – fit, slim, obese – everyone.  Experience teaches us that in every sphere of life, the formula of achieving the success that drives people closer to their perfect version of themselves is just that one question – how much are you going to put in?

One has to admit, that a Monday blue in a freshly washed bed sheet grabs you tight enough to let everything slip away, but one shouldn’t lose motivation.

Stop Wishing Start Doing

Here are a few measures you can take to stay motivated:

1. Keep a positive attitude

Whenever things don’t stick, always ponder as to why you started in first place. This is the power punch to kick start your day and boost the energy for the beginning of a new day.

2. Stay prepared for the next day

Always organize your day, one day ahead than the current day.
Let’s say tomorrow is a jog day, so you get your track pants and sneakers ready for tomorrow.
Have your shoes cleaned up or do the errands which are undone and you are one excuse less for a productive day ahead.

3. Stay consistent!

Stay Focused to get fit

If you skip this one workout, would you be regretting it or would you justify your absence at the gym. Pick an alternative exercise and get going. Don’t stop if your schedule doesn’t allow exact timings for everything.

4. Sign up for group classes

Be it boutique studios or group fitness – if you doubt your dedication on being on yourself, then don’t give a second thought and enroll for group classes.

They have a special aura, specialized in positivism and there is no easy escape. You don’t even feel like quitting and instead you end up finding your own inspiration in the 45 minutes class.

Everyone out there faces the same struggles and makes it to morning class.
So, chuck all the negativity and lace up your shoes and take the position for yet another push-up to go!

5. Keep rewarding yourself

Gym Motivation

Everyone has their own modes of experiencing their version of bliss.
Once you make through a tough day or complete a challenge that once seemed an impossible task in the history of mankind, you owe yourself a reward. Rewarding yourself for every achievement is vital for long term goals. It is an underrated technique but it is what inspires you to go ahead and unveil your potential.

However, a reward can be anything –

Maybe a spa at your favorite salon is what soothes your mind and makes you happy or a weekend getaway is what you need. It can be the concert you have been waiting for or the new video game which relaxes every muscle in you.

6. Potential Risks

Everything has its own consequences – good or bad.
what are the consequences for not exercising and taking a back gear?
You will be held accountable for not taking the high road and will regret the decision every day.
Adding on to it, you will gain or lose weight and abs which will eventually result in feeling bad about yourself and will experience a rather lower quality of life.

Gear up and let those excuses loose because let’s be real, facing the Monday blues is easier than having regrets and feeling bad about yourself. Gather the courage potential and strength and tie up the laces while you warm up for a hardcore workout. You can make through it!