Adult Smoking Habits

The first question that arises is: “what is vaping and how is it different from smoking?” The dictionary defines vaping as the action of inhaling and exhaling the aerosolized vapors induced by the electronic cigarette or a similar device like vap mod, juuls, and vape pens. It is a given that vaping (also referred to as juuling) is equally addictive as smoking.
However, the concept of E-cigarettes or vaping has plugged in a lot of attention from people of all ages.

In a bigger picture, e-cigarette seems less harmful or harmless but the bottom line remains the same – whether it’s smoke that’s been combusted or vapor that enters into our lungs, they both have the potential to cause serious health implications in the long run.

What happens with an E-cigarette is that, its structure consists of two components – heating element and a cartridge which contains a harmful liquid. The mechanism is such that when the device is projected with puffing, it heats up the liquid and causes vapors to produce, whereas in case of a cigarette, puffing results in burning of tobacco and thereafter release of smoke. People, who aren’t even into the smoking business, are very well captivated by the idea of e-cigarettes, and teenagers over the world contribute to a major proportion of using vaping devices.

Now the main question in the spotlight is that what is more harmful- smoking or vaping?
Yes, to some extent the traditional method of smoking is more harmful than the practice of vaping. However, the otherwise can’t be stated either, as the concept of e-cigarette is a newbie in the world and the potential risks and serious issues, in the long run, haven’t been rectified yet.
It is a fact that E-cigarette has a lower number of toxins and harmful chemicals as compared to smoking. Studies have shown that around a quarter of people who switched from the conventional method of smoking to vaping are in better condition but this alone cannot base the whole analysis.

One thing common in vaping and smoking is the presence of the toxic chemical compound – Nicotine. Nicotine is the root cause for the addiction and urge of smoking, and can lead to many other health issues including increased blood pressure, raised adrenaline, the likelihood of having a heart attack, the tendency of occurrence of seizures, and much more. 

Adding on to it, E-cigarettes being a battery-driven device does not have a trusted battery to rely upon.
Researches show that many of the batteries got exploded while using the device.
Here’s an insight into the exact figures –

  • Around 63 explosions occurred during the use.
  • Around 84 explosions occurred during the charging of the device
  • Around 52 explosions occurred during transportation, storage, or during an unknown activity or state.
  • When spoken in an economic sense, Vaping is more expensive than smoking, be it inclusive of taxes or exclusive. 

They have the almost same impact on the non – users or non-smokers, the only difference is that with smoking has a certain essence and smoke is released, but with vaping – it is odorless and is released in vapors so one hardly gets to know, however, leaves a significant impact.

Smoking and vaping are different sides of evil, but what lets one win from others are the chemical compounds. Smoking has around 20+ harmful chemical compound which directly links to cancer and alone combustion of tobacco yields thousands of chemical gases. Vaping for the win has only 9 chemical compounds in its vapors, but time shall reveal its long-term risk and potential consequences.