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New Trends and Diets For Weight Loss


The first of every month and the beginning of an upcoming year brings with itself an urge to lose weight. Some struggle and get the hang of it while others keep struggling. People of all ages in the world beget a hype with the new diets that embarks upon the social life or the trends that settle in for losing weight and staying fit. In this blog, we will be going through various weight loss diets and trends to follow to stay fit.

Here is an insight into the new trends and diets for weight loss:

Keto Diet

Ketogenic or Keto diet began to shine in around the year 2018, and still has not lost its charm. It works on the principle of consuming fewer carbs, balanced protein, and increasing the intake of fats, meaning radically reducing the carbohydrate intake and thereby allowing your body to pertain metabolism.


Now the body reaches the keto stage, wherein it will burn fats, in place of carbs for supplying energy and whilst that happens, it will also convert fat into ketones into the liver. It conquered the search engines and social media in all spheres of the world.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is another trend of diet control which keeps on popping in and around. It concentrates on 16: 8-hour concept, meaning it emphasizes on the timings instead of the nutrition value of the feed intake. Intermittent fasting involves five feed days and two non-consecutive fasting days.

On the days of fasting, one could eat a meal of around 500 calories and rest of the day is solely for fasting, whereas on the ‘feed day’ – one is allowed to eat with no restrictions. But they should eat in a time span of 8 hours, while fasts in the erstwhile 16 hours. Intermittent fasting has shown positive response for accomplishing health goals but is not recommended for pregnant women.

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

The Paleo diet also referred to as the paleolithic diet or ‘Caveman Diet’ has attracted attention from different people around the globe. It focuses on the nutrition of a certain era – paleolithic era which dated around 10,000 years ago.

It includes inhabiting a diet routine that is fit for human bodies just like old times, like that of a hunter which includes eating lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetable, nuts, and seeds. A paleo diet helps you lose weight, improve glucose tolerance, and control blood pressure as farming brought a little mismatch and increased the occurrence of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases in every second person today.


DASH is an abbreviation to Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension.
As the name suggests, it primarily focuses on preventing osteoporosis, cancer, and reducing blood pressure and lowering heart diseases.

The DASH diet emphasizes reducing the sodium like food and increase the rich nutrients in your intake lie potassium, magnesium, and calcium. For example, whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. This is clearly one of the best weight loss diets for people who keep health as their priority.

It encourages a healthy routine and has no potential risks in the long run. UN News ranked this at the first position as the best diet from the last eight years but now has bumped to the second position with the emergence of new diets.

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is considered one of the best diets for losing weight and having a healthy heart. It also helps one to cope with extreme symptoms of depression.

This diet encourages the use of olive oil and canola oil, along with plant-based food. It also displaces salts and flavors with the use of herbs and spices. It also emboldens the importance of exercise. United Nations ranked Mediterranean Diet as the number 1 in the best overall diet.

Bring out the best fit version in you. Encourage a healthy living and a nourishing life ahead!

It all begins with taking one step ahead, closer to accomplish your milestone, and who knows what will it be? Although there are loads of weight loss diets to choose from, you should not blindly choose one to stick to.

It is just one single question – How much do you want to compromise?
Maybe your lifestyle can’t compromise 2 fasting days but can do with fewer carbs and no fats. Gear Up and Get Started!