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The Secret Behind the Historical Win of Toronto Raptors

Toranto Raptors - Basketball team

Raptors Won the NBA Championship

The Raptors won the NBA championship in associate degree urban centers on 13.06.2019. The Raptors have won their 1st NBA Title once defeating defending champions The Golden State Warrior during a neck to the neck game. They defeated the soldiers 114-110 to say the most effective of seven series 4-2. To achieve this, the workout routine of Toronto Raptors has been intense.

Kawh Leonard hooped 3 free throws to move the Raptors clear and claim their 1st NBA title in twenty-four-year history. In a bonus video on, NBA Twitter account Kawhi Leonard said “Life Experiences, my teammates, did a great job welcoming me with open arms. This is what I play basketball for. This what I work out for. I am happy my hard work paid off.” 

The roads of the North American countries erupted throughout nationalistic happiness which was never seen previously. It had been the first time that a Canadian team had played it to the N.B.A. finals, thousands of people were hugging and saying things like, “We the North” for weeks, celebrating their incredible run to the finals.

New Records have been Set

Toronto Raptors match six broke the Canadian TV records, the count of the total number of people watching the match is 7.7 million, which is enormous.

Nick Nurse, coach of Toronto Raptors, is not only an elite coach but an elite man. He is professional and humble. Toronto Raptors has always trusted his ability, and his hard work with players fitness paid off on 13 June when Toronto Raptors won their first NBA title. It is a sheer joy, and Nick Nurse is already planning about how to improve more and do this again.  Toronto Raptors has always been focusing on strength and endurance of players. There has been a strong support behind the workout routine of Toronto Raptors.

Players share a good bond and are always motivating each other in the down times. They have grown over time with proper training and development programs as they came out of comfort zone and expanded exponentially. Most importantly, their coach pushes them hard and at the same time helps them to get into the proper mindset before every match. An interview revealed that he tells his players not to think about basketball before the match and do something that keeps the heart rate going to perform the level best.  Players respect his yin yang technique. This is huge for the franchise. Toronto Raptors has really flipped the script. Toronto raptors work on recruitment and development of the young guys on the bench and made them work with the coach regularly.

Raptors have been following the development program which consists of lots of exercises and a proper diet plan.

Here are some features of their fitness program:

  • Speed drills:
    Working on speed and agility doesn’t mean running from between bunch of cones, it’s about how you change directions and be able to read the other player and react and move faster effectively. The program taught them specific movement pattern and how to perform them effectively. How to shuffle and crossover run. Different cuts and reaccelerate and deaccelerate to push themselves in the right direction. They focus on reacting the way competition behaves.
  • Proper warm-ups: Raptors always start with warming up the muscle, raising the core temperature, get the body moving by going through a different range of motions.
  • Stretching: Coach understands that you can’t perform at your potential when the body is stiff and it also risks injury chances. Coach emphasis on opening the body thoroughly before playing or practices. Basketball requires flexibility, and they have achieved it by being consistent with plans and goals.
Workout routine of Toronto Raptors
  • Strength Training

    • Kettle Bell Deadlift: In order to be an elite basketball player, you need to be healthy from head to toe and Raptors know this very well. It strengthens the entire posterior chain, glutes, hamstrings, lower back.
    • Goblet Squat: It helps players to hit entire leg muscles and stimulate the core. It’s incredible for lower body and core too.
    • Kettle Bell row: It immensely helps in shooting from the range. It works on the upper part of the back, which helps in generating power.
    • Push Ups: I know you must be wondering how push-ups can win you a championship. However, Raptors focused on doing it the right way by regular practicing thus increasing their strength.
    • Planks: It helps to build the core strength.

There’s a famous quote “you are what to eat.”

Raptors have full control over the player’s diet. You need to have an excellent diet to be a basketball champion. Players have a proper diet plan, and certified dietitian has been pointed to care of the players.

The diet plan consists of:

•    High complex carbs diet 

•    Eating easily digestible food

•    Dry fruits

•    Protein-rich food

•   Fresh Fruits

Healthy Diet

Proper fitness training has immensely supported Toronto Raptors to reach their goal. A healthy mind lives in the healthy body. Fitness encouraged them to manage pressure in tight games to stay positive and feel self-confident. At last, we learn to become a champion you have to go through the grind and be persistent with what you are doing. Someday you taste the success and success is sweet.