DAY 20 (Shoulders) - 21 Days Quarantine Workout - The Titans Fitness
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If you didn’t have time to run to a sporting goods store to pick up a pair of dumbbells after all of the gyms shut down, you may well already be tired of bodyweight-only workouts as Americans approach the month-long mark of staying at home.  

Fear not! You actually already have dumbbells, kettlebells, weight vests and medicine balls at home — makeshift ones, anyway.   

Today we’re talking about the shoulders. Now it might seem more intuitive for a man to train his shoulders because “men need and want strong arms,” right? Wrong! Everybody needs to strengthen their shoulders because while the shoulder is extremely mobile, it’s also extremely unstable and susceptible to injury.

Shoulder injuries are really common because the potential range of motion is great, yet not very many people do what it takes to strengthen and work on shoulder flexibility. If that’s not enough reason for you, strong and defined shoulders can create the illusion of making your waist appear smaller. Now you’re listening…

While many of us aren’t really thinking about the role our shoulders play in everyday activities, let me remind you: bringing in the groceries, lifting up the kids, picking things up off of the floor and putting them in the closet, cleaning up — you’re using your shoulders.

Today’s Workout

  • Movement – Military Press
  • Recommended Reps – 15 to 25 per set
  • Number of Sets – 5
  • Rest between sets – 60 Seconds

Body Parts Targeted



  • Standing up, hold the backpack from either side
  • Hold the backpack at chest level
  • Keeping your forearms parallel to your body press the backpack above your head
  • Don’t lock out your arms
  • Lower the weight back down towards your chest
  • Repeat

Why it’s effective

  • Keep your feet shoulder width apart and keep your back straight, avoid any temptation to lean back.