DAY 13 (SHOULDERS) - 21 Days Quarantine Workout - The Titans Fitness
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Your shoulders are the gateway to your upper body. So, they are super important – you need them healthy and strong. Build your shoulders with the best exercises, using the best resistance, elastic resistance!

Standing Shoulder Press With Resistance Tube Bands is a great and arguably better alternative to Dumbbell Shoulder Presses. Since Bands do not create momentum your reps with bands will not place wear and tear on the Spine and Joints. You can also train safely for speed with fast reps. These type of reps stimulate the Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers, which are the ones that grow!

Resistance Band Overhead Press is an exercise that strengthens the shoulder muscle and increases the stability in the body. Pressing the resistance of the band upward is done with the shoulder or deltoid muscle. In addition, as the band is being pressed, you need to tighten your core and glutes, which increases stability throughout the body. If you learn how to do Resistance Band Overhead Press you will have another option for strengthening your shoulders.

Today’s Workout

  • Movement – Resistance Band Standing Shoulder Press
  • Recommended Reps – 15 to 25 per set
  • Number of Sets – 5
  • Rest between sets – 60 Seconds

Body Parts Targeted



  • Place your left foot onto the middle of a resistance band. Step forward with the right. Tighten your abdominals and avoid arching your back.
  • Press the handles of the resistance band up and stop once your upper arms are parallel with the ground, making a scarecrow formation. The band should be behind your arms.
  • Slowly press the resistance band overhead. Do not lock out the elbows. Lower to the starting position and begin again.

Why it’s effective

  • Shoulder press targets on deltoid muscle as a result it increases muscle strength