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The Reason Behind Fat Loss Program Failure and How Keto Diet Can Help

Fat Loss Failure

One question that usually resonates in our head when we get to start working out our body is;why can’t we lose weight the way professionals do? What is the secret behind the abs that they have developed? Well, everyone tends to follow a different set of exercise regimes to shape their bodies. However, there is one most important thing that everyone needs to consider, especially when it comes to shedding extra body fat. Maintaining your diet is a vital part if you wish to get a churned out body.

While you are exercising regularly and find that the mid-section of the body is not assuming the shape that you actually want, the most possible reason behind it might be the diet that you have been following. It is quite among us to not take our eating habits seriously because we are slaves of our cravings. More cravings you have, more irrationally you eat, which eventually increases the fat deposits in your body.

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Staying on track is the toughest when it comes to following a good diet, however, there is a way out of this problem.

It is a known fact that the human body including the brain is dependent on glucose for energy. Intake of any form of carbohydrates provides the energy to the body after digesting completely and breaking down into glucose within the stomach. However, in our busy lifestyle, we intake more carbs but rarely get ourselves involved in physical activities to make them count. Hence, the excess glucose gets accumulated in the fat cells and results in chubbiness.

Keto Diet: The Solution

Proper Diet Plan

The Ketogenic diet is one of the most effective solutions that can help you to lose fat faster. The diet will help you get rid of carbs intake and will increase the quantity of Acetoacetate, Acetone, and 3 Hydroxy Butyrate in your body.

Once you have started the ketosis, you will need to control your cravings for 3 days. Moreover, just within a couple of days into the diet, you will see certain changes in your urine and sweat as well. That is because when you get used to the Keto food, there is a change in the liquids forming within your body. Additionally, you will also notice the reduction of the intensity of cravings while relying on the Keto diet.

As you get more used to the ketosis, your body will reduce the glycogen (a substance that produces glucose on hydrolysis) production and storage in the body. As the amount of glycogen reduces in your body, your body starts will start to utilizing ketones as the source of energy. At this time, your body will be in complete ketosis.

We would like to answer some of the questionsrelated to the Keto diet that usually bother many people.

1. Can we build muscles while being on a Keto diet?

Well, most individuals have this query and the answer to it is quite straightforward. The primary purpose of ketosis is to make our body lose more fat. However, the myth that you may lose muscle in the process is completely false. For building muscles, we need to increase the intake of proteins and fats.When it comes to the Ketogenic diet, the Keto foods that we eat have rich quantities of both the aforesaid macronutrients. Hence, there won’t be an issue if you want to build muscle and follow the Keto diet at the same time.

Muscles Building With Weight Lifting

2. For how long should we follow a Keto diet?

After three days of entering ketosis, you can extend it upto two to four weeks. The fat loss in this period for you will be enough. After leaving the ketogenic diet, you need to control your intake of junk food and excess carbohydrates.

3. How to come out of Keto Diet?

If you have opted for a keto diet, make sure you introduce carbs back into your diet at a slow pace. Increasing the carbs all at once can ruin the results that you have achieved by following the Keto diet for days.

4. Should we introduce fat burners in our diet while being on Ketosis?

You can definitely do it without hesitation. Intake of fat burners or energy boosters can get essential in this period. The intake of carbohydrates is less; hence, you might feel low on energy. Intake of fat burners or energy boosters will help you remain energized.

5. How to get rid of loose skin in the lower abdomen?

Indulge in weight training along with cardio and you are good to go. During the Keto diet, your body will try to harness the extra fat stored in your body for energy and thus your body fat will burn faster whether it’s in the lower abdomen or anywhere else.

6. Can we have Whey/BCAA on Keto Diet?

Well, when we talk about BCAA (Branched-chain Amino Acids), it’s important to note that not just the supplements, but the protein matter also contains BCAA. So, even if you are not taking the special protein supplements, your diet already consists of BCAA. The same is true for Whey protein, as it’s made from milk and consuming it in the form of protein powder will not affect your Keto diet.

We hope these answers might help you get a clear picture of the ketosis process and the diet.Also, you should clearly understand that the Keto diet is an easy and efficacious method that complements the fat burning process during workouts.