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What is Keto Diet and How to Implement It?

Keto Diet

The trend of following Keto diet is increasing rapidly throughout the world. The prime reasons behind such wide popularity of Keto diets are the several health benefits that it has to offer. For those of you who do not know what is a Ketogenic diet is, let us break it for you. In simple terms, the Ketogenic diet refers to the intake of food items that contain very low amounts of carbohydrates, but have significant fat content. In addition, Keto foods also offer good quantities of protein to our bodies.

Specialties of Keto Dieting

Now the question arises, what makes Keto diet special among people who want to shed their extra weight. Amazingly, the answer is quite simple. Generally, our body utilizes the carbohydrates from the food that we intake to produce glucose (sugar), which is transported across different body parts as the source of energy. During the process, the excess glucose gets stored within the body as fat and over time, this excessive fat cause severe health problems like obesity.

By switching to the Keto diet, you lower the intake of carbs, which forces your body to use fats and proteins for producing energy. Consequently, this results in faster fat burning and weight loss and many studies have also revealed that the Keto diet helps in tackling different types of diseases like diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, etc.

Besides, Keto diets have been found to offer many health benefits with some of them as follows:

  • Reduces sugar and insulin levels in the body
  • Lessen chances of hypertension by ensuring a normal blood pressure
  • Helps to improve heart health
  • Better sleep
  • Elimination of food cravings
  • Boosts brain functionality

Implementation of the Keto Diet

Keto Diet

Usually, many people complain that by still performing a strenuous workout, the extra fat on their bodies, especially the belly part do not melt away completely. The most common reason for such a problem is the lack of a good diet. Usually, diet plays a key role in keeping your body well in shape and helps you achieve your fitness goals easily. Many of you may have tried to follow a Ketogenic diet but found it extremely difficult to implement and sustain. As the Ketogenic diet has proven to be extremely helpful in achieving a healthy lifestyle, it is a great idea to adopt it.

Now, there are certain things that you should know, which will help you to implement the Keto diet. But first, you should get a better idea of why following a low-carb diet is beneficial. In general, our body parts including the brain utilizes the glucose formed within our body as the main source of energy. As discussed earlier, carbohydrates and sugar that we consume as food gets breakdown into glucose within the stomach and then gets mixed with blood so that it can be transported throughout the body. In case, the glucose fused into the blood is more than what is required, our pancreas release insulin hormone, which helps to store the extra glucose in the blood as fat within our body for future use. But most of the time, we tend to intake more carbohydrates than needed, and additional glucose gets formed and stored in the body as fat.

Insulin hormones get released when there is extra glucose in the body and the pancreas stop producing them when the glucose level in the blood becomes normal. This usually results in insulin spikes, which becomes higher with the increase of extra glucose in the blood. Now, when the insulin drops from a high level and approaches lower levels, we tend to have cravings. This is also the reason why we sometimes feel dissatisfied even after eating a meal. Generally, as our brains also tend to rely on glucose, we seem to have overwhelming cravings for food, and eventually, we deviate from our diet plan.


Now the Ketogenic diet helps to eliminate the problem by reducing the amount of carbohydrates intake. Keto foods are rich in fats and contain good amounts of protein. When we switch to the Keto diet, our body tends to become less reliable on glucose as only a limited amount of carbs enters our body. Moreover, our brain also tends to switch glucose with ketone bodies as the source of energy. To be precise, the ketone bodies are produced along with fatty acids in our body by the liver after processing the fat.

The state at which our body becomes more dependent on ketones and makes minimal use of glucose produced from carbohydrates is known as ketosis. Now the prime benefit of achieving ketosis is that our body become more reliable on fats and even the extra fat stored within our body gets utilized. Furthermore, as there is no sudden increase in the blood glucose levels, the insulin spikes also diminish and ultimately results in the elimination of cravings. Thus, it will become easy to resist food items that can cause you to gain extra weight.

Unlike the brain, the other body parts still need glucose to power themselves during the ketosis, which is provided by the protein. The best thing about being on a Ketogenic diet is that the body produces only that much amount of glucose, which is actually required. As a matter of fact, Ketogenic diets allowconsumption of carbohydrates, but in extremely limited quantities.

The standard time that our body takes to enter the ketosis state is 3 days. However, during this brief period, you will need to control your cravings and once you entered the ketosis state, the cravings will start becoming weaker day by day. The ketogenic diet offers numerous health benefits to us and also help in losing the extra fat stored in our body. While the path to adopting ketosis is a little difficult, one can achieve better overall health once the body enters the ketosis state. The low-carbohydrate and high-fat foods (Keto) can help you to get rid of cravings that are in most cases, the reason behind your additional body weight and unsatisfactory results from workouts.