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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean Diet

Greeks were way ahead of their times, and this is not just about their intimidating army. Their diet was class apart and played a huge role in building such an impact full force. Eager to know what their diet was? Well, it’s called the “Mediterranean diet” or “Greek Mediterranean diet,” and as the name implies, this diet has its roots in the Mediterranean region. Can you follow it today ? Yes definitely.

The region that follows this diet cover countries like Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco etc. However, every country under this region has its own version of this diet. The most popular version of it is being followed by the natives of Greece, Spain, and southern Italy, especially the coastal region of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ground-Breaking Researches

According to researches, in 1945 it was observed that the people of Greece and Spain had a better life expectancy. They also had minimal health issues. This was only possible through the disciplined Mediterranean diet, which revolved around fresh vegetables, less processed foods, seasonal food items, and doesn’t involve too much food from animal sources.

Fresh Vegetables

This pattern was observed again research in 1970, according to which, the natives of and around the Mediterranean Sea region nearly never suffered from coronary heart disease (CHD). Furthermore, it has also been observed that this type of diet is suitable for any kind of lifestyle as it focuses on cleaning heart. 

How it’s Different from Other Diets?

You must have observed that the majority of the diets focus on weight loss, and there are too many options available as well. What lags behind is a diet that specifically targets the heart’s health. Don’t worry! Although the Mediterranean diet is predominantly designed to lest the heart, it also covers weight loss diets.

What Are The Core Ingredients?

The Mediterranean diet revolves around ingredients like fresh fruits, non-starchy vegetables, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), fish, dried beans, herbs, sourdough bread, grains, nuts and seeds. Now, you must be wondering, why only olive oil?

No doubt, it’s an expensive option, but it comes with life-saving features. Olive oil is composed of good fats that hugely help in lowering the LDL levels. It indirectly lowers the cholesterol levels and hence, avoids plaque build up inside the arteries.

Mediterranean Diet Ingredients

Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet in Detail

As stated above, the core ingredients of the Mediterranean diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and olive oil. If this diet is followed with the complementing exercises, it can cure or even avoid various health issues like:

  • If you are following a Mediterranean diet to avoid heart-related issues, you can’t consume stuff like white bread, processed foods, red meat, hard liquor, etc. Instead, this diet allows you to drink red wine in moderation as it consists of resveratrol and antioxidants that prevent heart attacks.
  • Now, as the age progress, most of us start losing the old quickness that we had in our teenage.  Well, you can get that swiftness back with a Mediterranean diet as it strengthens the muscles, which will keep you active all day.
  • A mental issue like Alzheimer’s disease is spreading a lot among the elder ones. A Mediterranean diet plays a huge role in avoiding it by lowering cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and takes care of the blood vessel health, which reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.
Alzheimer’s disease
  • Another mental disease that has been spreading like wildfire is Parkinson’s disease. Now, the high amount of antioxidants present in the Mediterranean diet can shield the cells that avoid the risk of this disease.
  • As the Mediterranean diet focuses on avoiding heart diseases and widely spreading cancer, it can eventually increase your life-expectancy up to 20%, and hence, offers a disease-less life.
  • Last, but not least, diabetes is the Achilles’ heel of the sugar lovers who have been facing this disease. Now, a Mediterranean diet consists of a high amount of fiber, which avoids fluctuating sugar levels.

Any Workout Routine?

Any kind of diet gives it optimum results when combined with a matching workout routine. (Also read, DIETS FOR WEIGHT LOSS)


As the Mediterranean diet is composed of good fats, it can boost your anaerobic fitness, and hence raise your agility levels. Moreover, the diet is also rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which is bound to uplift your stamina. Outdoor activities like jumping, hand gripping, cycling, etc. perfectly complement this type of diet.

Summing up, although this diet doesn’t focus on losing calories and restricting foods, it focuses on living a healthy life that revolves around consuming a wide range of whole and nourishing foods to live a long and healthy life.